Rain Kazymerchyk, Art in Metal
South Mountain, ON

​Rain Kazymerchyk was born & raised in New York State. 

At an early age Rain learned that she could sketch with some accuracy.

Beyond her school years, an interest in jewelry design and fabrication took wings with the advent of the right people and opportunities entering her life.  

She took silversmithing classes at a community centre in Tampa, Florida where she was a resident for 10 years and added workshops in glass bead making and fused glass. Aside from these, Rain is mostly self taught, gaining techniques from books and internet sites.

After meeting her husband on the Worldwide Web, Rain immigrated to Canada in 2001.  

Although skilled as a coloured pencil artist, Rain finds jewelry has become her ideal medium. Allowing design to flow from her materials, such as stones with interesting visual or textural patterns, Rain hope to create unique pieces to become future heirlooms. 

Her recent work in filigree and wax carving for casting have sparked new creative routes which have brought new diversity to her jewelry collections. 

Rain is a member of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada and has shown her work at the Grotto Artworks in Merrickville, ON, the Ottawa Folk Festival, Gallery 6 in Kemptville, ON, the Keffer & Jacaranda galleries in Almonte, ON, the Brockville Arts Centre, Brockville, ON, the North Grenville Municipal Centre, Kemptville, ON the Crossroads Music & Art Show in Kemptville, ON, Midevil Festival in Osgoode, ON, Bazart Show & Sale in Orleans, ON the Discovery Tour, North Gower, ON, On Common Ground Studio Tour, South Mountain, ON and the Branch Artisan's Guild Christmas show.

In January 2010, Rain began teaching beginner jewelry making from her home studio in South Mountain, ON.

Rain is a seasonal groundskeeper at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club in Gatineau, QC.

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